Eagle 1/4 Turn Cylinder and Line Valve

The Eagle ¼-turn Valve

NorAm’s ¼-turn valve line is a high performance, high pressure valve in two different formats:

Eagle Tank Head Valve-The tank head valve provides composite cylinder manufacturers the most complete high-pressure solution on the market today. Unique features include:

• High strength, light-weight, aluminum construction (up to 450bar, stainless for 520bar versions)
• Integrated, glass-bulb PRD for reliable activation within the valve.
• Fully indexable adjustment, eliminating the need to “clock” the cylinders
• SAE, o-ring sealed, connection ports
• High flow rate with full-port, ball valve design

Eagle Line Valve-The Eagle line valve provides a lightweight, reliable, high pressure, ball valve design. Available with NPT, SAE, or Parker Seal-Lok ports, the Eagle line valve gives customers flexibility and reliability with critical line valves.